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Subrogation & Property Damage


Throughout the Pacific Northwest, we handle significant property damage resulting from fires, wildland fires, explosions and landslides and floods.


Fires, explosions and landslides pose unique problems as the evidence as to what caused these events is often difficult to find, or missing, after the dust settles. ELO has spent decades developing a proprietary scientific process for investigating the origin and cause of fires, explosions, and landslides.


ELO has become a leader in litigating property subrogation claims. We have represented insurers throughout the United States in subrogation claims involving all types of causes.

Hire us when you first become aware of a significant property damage claim. There is no additional cost and we can help you select the experts that will be best able to help you on your claim. We can then supervise your experts and manage the investigation of the cause of the event, before further evidence is destroyed or opportunities lost.

Once the initial forensics are complete, we can advise you regarding the best course of action and how best to recover on the loss.


Craig Evezich has been involved in numerous cataclysmic losses throughout the Pacific Northwest including the Oso Landslide, the Clockum Tarps Fire, and the Taylor Bridge Fire. The Taylor Bridge Fire was one of the largest wildfire lawsuits ever initiated in Washington State and eventually settled for over $60,000,000.  In that case, Judge Bruce E. Heller appointed him as Plaintiffs’ Co-Lead Counsel.


We handle property damage claims involving commercial and residential fires, construction defects, marine losses, and product liability claims.  Our clients include some of the largest property insurers in the world including Farmers Insurance,  MetLife®, Nationwide®  and Safeco.™

Evezich Law Offices is a charter member of the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP) and has chaired the NASP Pacific Northwest Chapter.

Fire Scene Investigation
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