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 Kathleen is the firm's Complex Litigation Paralegal.  She has been in the legal field for 23 years and, during that time, has worked in the fields of personal injury, maritime law, construction defects, medical malpractice, class actions, asbestos, and insurance coverage and subrogation.  She has been involved in cases that at trial received some of the largest jury verdicts in the State of Washington.  

In her spare time, Kathleen enjoys hiking and digging for crystals and minerals with her boyfriend and two little Yorkies, Titan and Zeuss.  She is also an artist working in mediums such as charcoal, painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, and glass blowing.  Kathleen was part of the prestigious 911 Project.    Every year a group of glass artists blow glass globes which are stamped on the bottom with the phrase "9-11 Never Forget."  These globes are then hidden on local beaches during the night and, in the morning, people search for them.  It is one of the highlights of her artistic career.   

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